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Buying a pre owned car can be a very scary and frustrating process. Believe me; no one knows this better than I do. After 31 years in the industry and over 18 with the Lockhart Automotive Group and Indianapolis Market area Saturn stores, with the end of the Saturn brand came the beginning of Indy Auto Source Inc in Carmel, Indiana. I offer the same premium quality pre owned vehicles that you will find at such retailers as CarMax, Dreyer and Reinbold BMW Mini or the Penske Group but with a Saturn like hassle free, no games or intimidation environment that customers truly appreciate. Not to mention you will also experience no last minute dealer profit ad-ons fees such as; "Documentation", "Theft or Etch protection", "Nitrogen in the tires", etc. Just the agreed upon price of the vehicle, plus sales tax, as it should be.

Trade-ins are always welcome at Indy Auto Source. In fact we will purchase your car, truck, SUV, van, boat, motorcycle, 4 wheeler, jet ski, snow mobile or who knows what, whether you purchase a vehicle from us or not. Upon evaluating your trade, you will receive a written cash offer good for 7 days or 300 miles good towards any vehicle or cash. Better yet, shop me before you purchase a new vehicle and if my trade number is higher, I will guarantee it with your new car dealer (otherwise known as a "buy bid"). This process allows you to get the best of all worlds by; maximizing the value of your trade in, purchasing the vehicle of your choosing from the people of your choosing, while still saving hundreds or thousands in additional sales taxes! After you have taken delivery of your new vehicle, I simply purchase your trade directly from your new vehicle dealer. Sounds confusing I know, but it does happen and can save you thousands! The truth of the matter is simple; I have virtually no overhead as compared to large dealerships with large staffs, so I can easily offer higher trade in or purchase amounts since I can operate on a fraction of the margin of traditional stores.

Want retail for your trade in? No problem at Indy Auto Source. Let me assist you in preparing your vehicle for re-sale. I can also offer advice and assistance with promotion and negotiating your sale, then simply trade it in for your full retail agreed upon price while saving additional sales tax by trading. We can do this by scheduling your trade in delivery, at my office with your buyers at the same time you take delivery of your vehicle from Indy Auto Source. Everyone wins! Not only can I assist with title work, paper plates and the legalities of selling or purchasing a vehicle, but both parties also have peace of mind knowing that their transactions were handled professionally and accurately.

At this point, hopefully you are starting to get the impression that Indy Auto Source makes it easy, if not enjoyable to shop for and purchase your next vehicle. With free delivery up to 300 miles from Indianapolis, Indiana the experience gets even better. Not only will you be thrilled with the vehicle you have researched and found online, but I will also fill your fuel tank should you be disappointed in our vehicle and opt not to complete your purchase. Thanks to the internet, close to 35% of our sales are to people who live over 100 miles from our store and in several cases our vehicles have found new homes over 1,000 miles away with our record being a beautiful Red Corvette that was delivered to a customer in Australia! With well over 10,000 pre-owned vehicle purchases to my credit, why not have an expert on your side when you decide it's time to replace your current vehicle.

While you're here, please take a few minutes to review our current inventory. Since our inventory is always changing, feel free to review our sold vehicles to gain a better idea of the quality and variety of vehicles we offer. Let's work together to find what you are looking for. As a buyer working for you, we will work together to source just the right vehicle for your individual wants, needs and budget.

I cannot promise to be everything for everyone, and am well aware that for various reasons, Indy Auto Source Inc may not be the store you choose for this purchase. However, I can promise that whether you make a purchase decision or not, you will have one of the finest vehicle shopping and/or ownership experiences. I learned a long time ago; that one sale or the profit on a single sale, no matter how small or large is insignificant by comparison to the opportunity to build a relationship that can span a lifetime of automobile purchases. Be sure to visit Google Reviews and Cars.com Dealer Reviews to read what Indy Auto Source customers have to say about their experience with Craig and Dawn Miller and Indy Auto Source. Simply click on the Google and Cars links located in the top right corner of our home page to visit these sites. Would you like to be notified via Facebook every time we post a new vehicle for sale? Its easy, just click on our "Like" tab, again located on our home page to become a friend of Indy Auto Source and follow us on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by, but before you go be sure to have a laugh with us on our "Laughs" page. After 31 years in the automobile business I have seen just about everything and like yourself; I hate salesman especially "Car Salesman". For this reason alone, I have added the videos you will find on our Laughs page. Enjoy and be sure to never let a "dealer" make you feel uncomfortable. Car buying should be fun and rewarding and if it's not, remember you are in control. My experience is at your service whether you buy from us or not so feel free to save my information in your phone. My name is Craig Miller and you can reach me anytime on my cell at 317-442-1512 or at craigmiller@indyautosource.net. Thanks again and I do look forward to assisting you!

Craig Miller


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Relax is our waiting room, play pinball and have fun.
Relax is our waiting room, play pinball and have fun.
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